First of all, Thank you for reaching out and providing us with valuable feedback. Your commitment as a  customer is much appreciated.

                    Now we are introducing a few new features in our release.  

1. Email not required in the job application form in the admin panel:

In this update, We made the email field not required to fill out the application form. Now you can add and edit a job application without filling in the email.

                                                                                      login > job application

In this way, you can add a job application without adding an e-mail.

2. Add an option to disable the career site:

We added an option to disable the career site according to requirements. You can set it by following these steps:

                                                            login > settings > recruit  settings

3. Job can be created without an end date:

In this release, we add a new feature to save a job without an end date. You can also change it with the end date whenever you want accordingly.

                                                                    login > recruit > jobs


when you add a new job there will be a checkbox with no end date

Once you click it the end date field will disappear.

In this way, you can add jobs without an End date.

4. Multiple Interview Stages Can be created:

In this update, we add a new feature to add multiple interview stages according to your requirement. It will show you when you add a job and get a field to add interview rounds.

                                                                           login > jobs > add new

Once you add rounds, it will show it to you when you add an interview for that job.

                                                                       login > interview schedule > add new

after that, you can see these rounds individually and can evaluate them separately for each round.

Add you can give an evaluation after accepting the interview for each round.

5. Candidates can select their own skills while applying:

Now candidate can select his skills while applying for the job from the career site.

                                                           login > career site > apply 

6. Setup restrictions to prevent duplicate applications:

A candidate can apply for two different jobs from the same email but for the same job, the admin can restrict him by adding a new setting known as a duplicate job application restriction. To add these settings please follow the below process:

                                                    login > settings > recruit settings > job application restriction

After that, you need to add the number of days so that, the candidate can apply from the same email to the same job.

7. General Bug Fixes:

 In our continued effort to make Worksuite the most reliable, we eliminated a number of key bugs in the module.