Worksuite 5.2.1

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First of all, Thank you for reaching out and providing us with valuable feedback. Your commitment as a customer is much appreciated.

                    Now we are introducing a few new features in our release.   

1. Set monthly leave limit for leave types

Previously, there is no setting to set the number of leaves for the employees. Now with this update, you can set the number of leaves in a month as per the requirement.

                                                                           login>settings>leave settings

You can edit the leaves and select the number of leaves one can take in a month. The count is different for each type of leave(casual, sick, earned).


From here you enter the monthly limit and can limit the number of leaves.

2. Choose the first and second-half options in the leave type

After this new release, you are able to select the half-day type like the first half or second half.


When you apply for leave you can see this option and choose accordingly.

3. Employees can see the default employee profiles of other employees

Before this release, an employee can't see the dashboard of other employees, now you are able to see the default dashboard of the employee.


4. Week view for Shift Roster

Firstly in the Shift Roster, there is only one view that is only monthly view. In this release, you are able to view the weekly view of the Shift Roster.

                                                                       login>HR>Shift Roster

5. Upload file in Knowledge Base

            Adding a new feature to upload files in Knowledge Base.

                                                                            login>Knowledge base

6. New Expense Report

Now we have a separate report for the Expense Report where you can check the expense report, total expense, and expense category report in one go.

                                                                               login>Reports>Expense Report


7. Can export custom fields in excel

After this update, you can export custom fields after adding them, to an excel sheet.

                                                                   login>Settings>Custom Fields

Tick this checkbox to enable the export of the field. After that when you export to excel it will add this field to the excel sheet.

8. Setup Hierarchies in departments

In this release, we add Hierarchy in departments. Now you can set the departments according to your requirements.


9. Allow auto-clockin in the first sign-in of the day

In this release, we add a new feature that will automatically clock in when the user login to the app. To enable the setting you have to follow the way-

                                                                            login/settings/attendance settings

After ticking this checkbox and saving it, you can enable the auto clock-in setting. 

10. General bug fixes

In our continued effort to make Worksuite the most reliable, we eliminated a number of key bugs in the App.

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