First of all, Thank you for reaching out and providing us with valuable feedback. Your commitment as a customer is much appreciated.

                    Now we are introducing a few new features in our release.   

1. Added milestones start and end dates

In this update, we added start and end dates to the milestones tab in the projects. Now, you can add and edit it accordingly.

                                                                            login to worksuite > projects > milestones 

2. Set application name in theme settings

Now you can add or edit the app name according to your requirement

                                                                        login > settings > theme settings > App name

It will reflect when you log in to the app.

3. Admin can manage employee dashboard widgets

                                                           Log in with an admin account > dashboard > private dashboard

Step :1 Click on the settings icon.

Step :2 Select the checkboxes which you want to show to the employees.

                            Those checkboxes that are unchecked will not show  to employees on their dashboards.

4. Message settings changes for employee and client

                                                        login > settings > message settings

            In this release, we made it possible to have chat options between clients and employees who are related to that particular project. So according to your requirement, you can set permissions for chat between clients and employees.

5. Invoice reminders can be set before and after the due date

                                                           login > settings > finance settings 

In this feature, we set up to send reminders after  _ days and every  _ day after the invoice is created.

6. Now task labels can be set on a project basis also

                                                                    login > tasks > add labels

With this, you can create task labels for a particular project.

7. Bugs Fixes

In our continued effort to make Worksuite the most reliable, we eliminated a number of key bugs in the module.