Default SuperAdmin login details


Password: 123456

1. Login to super admin account

2. Superadmin dashboard

  1. Update currency exchange rate

  2. Update current website URL/Link

  3. Apply date filter for reports

  4. It show total active/inactive companies, total customers and total categories

  5. To task panel

  6. It show total earning report

  7. It show total sales report

  8. It shows total commission revenue

  9. It show total new customers as per date

  10. It show total new vendors as per date

3. Manage Companies

  • Register new company

  • Change package of company

  • Update details of a registered company

  • View company details

  • Superadmin can delete company

4. Manage Packages

  • Setup Trial package Settings

  • Setup Default package (This package will be applied by default for a newly registered company).

  • Create New package as per your requirements.

5. View/Download Invoices

  • Subscription invoices :- you can find all monthly/yearly package subscription invoices here

  • Booking Invoices:- If admin/vendor haven't updated/linked payment details then all online bookings payment will be credit to superadmin/siteowner  payment gateway account and to maintain this record booking invoices will be generate automatically.

6. Manage Offline Request

  • If any admin/vendor wants to pay monthly/yearly package subscription payment offline (like- by cheque) the vendor submit request with cheque photo and superadmin accept or reject offline request from this menu.

7. Manage Location

  • Setup default Location as per your location

  • Add more locations if required

  • Add/Edit/Delete locations.

8. Manage Categories

  • Setup Service Categories ( In these category admin will add services ).

9. Manage Coupon

  • Add discount coupon
  • Edit discount coupon
  • Delete discount coupon

10. Manage Spotlight

  • All spotlight deals will be display on front page of your website
  • You can change sequences of the spotlight 
  • Create new If you want to add deal in spotlight of any admin/vendor
  • You can update/delete spotlight.

11. Manage ToDo Tasks

  • Keep you notes in todo
  • You can create new todo task
  • You can change status of todo task
  • You can edit/delete todo task

12. Reports

  • Commission revenue: - Get you commission revenue
  • You can download csv file
  • Customer report: - Get all customers detail with total booking number

13. Settings

13.1 General Settings

  • Update  business details  of your business in general settings
  • Recommended Business logo size is width-150 pixels and height 41 pixels
  • Update your current business website.

13.1 Currency Settings

        Manage Currency Details in Settings -> Currency Settings

  • Don't forget to update currency exchange rate. 

13.2 Language Settings

        Setup Language Details in Settings -> Language Settings

  • Add/update/delete languages.

  • Add translations - Go to Superamin panel Settings -> Language Settings and click the Translation button

  • When you have imported your translation (via buttons), you can view them in the web interface. You can click on a translation and an edit field will pop up. Just click save and it is saved. When a translation is not yet created in a different locale, you can also just edit it to create it.

13.3 Email Settings

  • Update your email settings

13.4 Email Settings

        Manage Theme Settings in Superadmin panel Settings -> Theme Settings

  • Update theme superadmin theme settings
  • Update default theme settings for Admin

13.5 Tax Settings

        Manage Theme Settings in Superadmin panel Settings -> Tax Settings

  • Add taxes as per your admin/vendor requirements
  • Update/Delete tax

13.6 SEO Settings

        Setup SEO Details in Superadmin panel Settings -> SEO Settings

  • SEO Keywords and descriptions make easy to find your business on internet.

13.7 Contact Settings

        Setup Contact Us Email Address in Superadmin panel Settings -> Contact Settings

  • This contact us email id will help you to connect with new vendors.

13.8 Map Configuration Settings

        Setup Google Map Key in Superadmin panel Settings -> Map Configuration Settings

13.9 Google Calendar


        Setup Google Calendar client id and secret in Superadmin panel Settings -> Google Calendar

  • Configure google calendar to get event detail on customer's google calendar account.

13.10 Payment settings


         Setup your Payment details in Superadmin panel Settings -> Payment Settings

  • Enable the Offline Payment Method to allow customers to make the purchase without paying online.

  • Enable Show Payments Options Should be enabled to allow online payments from customers.


        13.10.1 Payment Credentials settings


                    Setup your Payment Gateway details in Superadmin panel Settings -> Payment Credentials Settings

  • There are 2 online payment gateways Stripe and Razorpay to accept payments

        13.10.2 Offline Payment Method

                     Setup Offline Payment Method in Superadmin panel Settings -> Offline Payment Settings

  • To accept payment offline update Offline Payment Method
  • Add/update/delete Offline payment methods

13.11 SMS Credential settings


        Setup Offline Payment Method in Superadmin panel Settings -> SMS Credential Settings

  • Update Nexmo credentials to send booking related and other messages to customers

13.12 Free Trial settings

        Update Offline Payment Method in Superadmin panel Settings -> Free Trial Settings

13.13 Front settings

            Update Front Settings in Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings

13.13.1 Section settings

            Update section settings in Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Section Settings

  • Using this section enable/disable you can hide/display these section from front page of your website.

13.13.2 Front Pages

            Setup Front pages in Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Front  Pages

13.13.3 FAQ Settings

            Setup FAQ Settings in Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> FAQ Settings

13.13.4 Registration Note

            Update Vendor Registration Note in Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Registration Note

13.13.5 Terms & Condition Note

            Update Terms & Condition Note in Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Terms & condition Note

13.13.6 Front Slider Settings

            Setup Front Slider Images from Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Front Slider Settings

  • Recommended Image size is width 1919 pixels and height 494 pixels.

13.13.7 Front Theme Setting

            Setup Front Theme from Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Front Theme Settings

  • Recommended Business logo size is width-150 pixels and height 41 pixels.

13.13.8 Popular Store Settings

            Setup Popular Stores Section from Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Popular Stores Settings

  • You can add/remove any store/vendor from popular store 
  • Popular store list will display on front page.

13.13.9 Google reCaptcha Credential Settings

            Fill Google reCaptcha Credentials from Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Google reCaptcha Settings

13.13.10 Front Widget Settings

             Add Front Widgets  Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Front Widget Settings

  • These front widget will display in the end of front page.

13.13.11 Footer Settings

                Manage Footer Content from Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Footer Settings.