Landing / Home page -

1. Company Logo
  • Superadmin can manage logo from Superadmin panel Settings -> General Settings.

2. Location, Search and Language
  • Superadmin can manage Languages from Superadmin panel go to Settings -> Language Settings
  • Superadmin can manage Locations from Superadmin Menu Panel
  • From search box customers can search services from company, service, category name keywords. 

2. Sign in Button
  • To login in your account click on sign-in button.

3. Categories, Deals, Contact us, List your business and Cart.

3.1 Categories

  • To view/access services hover on categories where you can view all categories. After click on any category name, you will be redirected to all services page related to that category.
  • Admin can manage services from Admin panel, Menu -> Services.

3.2 Deals

  • To view/purchase deals click on deals and you will redirect to the all deals page where you will find all deals from all companies.
  • Admin can manage Deals from Admin panel, Menu -> Deals.

3.3 Contact us

  • To contact superadmin/site-owner click on the contact us button.
  • Superadmin/site-owner can update contact us email id from Superadmin panel,  Setting -> Contact settings.

3.4 Cart

  • To view services/purchase items/book appointment click on the cart (top right) button and you will be redirected to the cart page where you will find all added services/deals and you can make booking.
  • After a successful booking Admin and customer get an confirmation email and sms on their registered email id and mobile number.
  • To manage bookings go to Menu -> Booking or Menu -> Booking Calendar.

  • Customers can change service quantity.
  • Customers can apply a Coupon (if available).

3.5 List Your Business

  • To register your company, Click on List Your Business.
  • Superadmin/site-owner get an email notification and Admin/vendor get Sign In Credentials on given Email Id.

4. How to complete the booking

4.1  Select booking date and time
  • Admin can manage booking time and date from Admin panel Setting -> Booking Setting.
  • To continue for booking click on the Select Booking time Button on your cart page and you will head over to select booking date and time page and pick date and time and select employee ( if Employee selection option enabled by admin ).

  • After choose date and time you will get employee suggestion ( If enabled by admin ).
  • To continue with booking click on the Next button and you will redirect back to the cart to processed to checkout.

4.2 Checkout page

  • After click on Proceed To Checkout button you will redirect to the Booking Summary page.

4.3 Booking Summary page

  • If customer wants to give any special Instructions then write message in any special Instruction box.
  • To continue for booking click on Proceed to Payment Button and you will redirect to payment gateway page.

4.4 Payment page

  • To pay online click on any one of the following payment option - Stripe, Razorpay.
  • To pay at Shop click on Will pay at Shop And you will redirect to Booking successful page.

4.5 Booking Success page

  • Click on Back To Home to redirect to the Homepage.

5. Front Sliders

  • Superadmin/site owner can manage front slider images from Superadmin panel Settings -> Front Settings-> Front Slider Settings.
  • Recommended Image size is width 1919 pixels and height 494 pixels.

6. Recent Deals

  • In recent Deals Maximum of ten recently added will display.
  • Admins can manage deals from Admin panel, Menu -> Deals.

7. Choose your category

  • Superadmin can manage Categories from Superadmin panel, Menu -> Categories.

  • To view services related to category click on a category and you will redirect to services page.

  • You can apply filters on services
  • You can add services to the cart
  • You can continue for booking after click on Select booking time.

8. Latest coupons

  • Superadmin can manage Coupons from Superadmin panel Menu -> Coupons.

  • You can view coupon details and copy coupon codes after clicking on the Show code.


9. Recent Deals

  • Deals in spotlight are in a arranged sequence by superadmin/site-owner
  • Customers can buy a deal after click on Buy Deal
  • Superadmin/site-owner can manage the spotlight from Superadmin panel, Menu -> Spotlight.

10. Footer Section

  • Superadmin can manage footer contents from Superadmin Settings->footer settings.

10.1 Popular Search

  • In popular search, maximum searched services, category, or company name will display (max. 7) automatically.

10.2 Useful Links

    10.2.1 Your cart will redirect you to your cart page.

    10.2.2 Pricing will redirect you to the Package details page.

  • On the pricing page, all packages are available with details.
  • In border ( Medium ) package is recommended package by the super admin/site-owner.
  • Superadmin/site-owner can manage packages from Superadmin panel Menu -> Packages.

  • Frequently Asked Question can manage by superadmin/super-admin from Superadmin panel Settings -> Front settings-> FAQ Settings.

10.2.3 Front Pages

  • Front Pages will manage by superadmin/siteowner from Superadmin panel Settings -> Front settings-> Front Pages.
  • About us will redirect to the about us page where you can find business details.
  • Contact us will redirect to the contact us page where you can contact to superadmin/site-owner.
  • How It works will redirect to the How it works page where you can find Business flow. 
  • Privacy Policy will redirect you to the privacy policy page where you can read all policies.
  • Login/Register will redirect to Login Page.
  • Become a vendor will redirect to the List your business page where the vendor can register company.

10.2.4 Popular Stores

  • Popular Stores is manage by superadmin/site-owner from Superadmin panel Settings -> Front settings-> Popular Stores.
  • In popular stores maximum of seven popular stores/shops/vendor's business names.

10.2.5 Get social

  • Get social is manage by superadmin/site-owner from Superadmin panel Settings -> Front settings-> Footer Settings.
  • Social media app icon will redirect to social media platform.