Quick Installation Getting Started Tutorial

Default Admin login details

Email: admin@example.com

Password: 123456

1. Required Setup & Information

1.1 Login to set up your account

1.2 Setup Payment Gateway Credentials

  • Setup your Payment Gateway account details in Admin panel Settings -> Payment credential Settings

  • There are 2 online payment gateways Stripe and Razorpay to accept payment.

  • Click on Get Started button to connect your payment account with superadmin/site owner payment account.

  • Payment Flow of stripe and Razorpay payment gateway

    • Payment credit to superadmin/site-owner payment gateway  account after successful payment from the customer.

    • After deduction of payment gateway fee and superadmin application fee/commision (If applicable) will transfer to admin/vendor's payment account(If account linked with superadmin/site owner payment gateway account).

1.3 Setup Billing Settings

  • To change package or to check billing history got to Billing menu

  • You can download invoices from download button.

  • Click on the Change Plan button to change the plan or view plan monthly / yearly charges.

  • To buy/change plan click on the Buy plan Button and select appropriate payment method to complete payment.

1.4 Setup Company Settings

  • Update your retail/company details from Admin panel Settings -> General Settings

  • Recommended Business logo size is width-150 pixels and height 41 pixels.

1.5 Setup Booking Settings

  • To update Booking settings got to Admin panel Settings -> Booking Settings

  • Enable a booking schedule for your company to get online bookings. Suppose you don’t want to get bookings on Sunday then you have to disable bookings from Booking Schedule->Allow Booking for Sunday.

  • You can enable Multi-Tasking Employee  option to Assign employees for more than one task at a time for online booking.

  • You can set a maximum number of bookings per customer per day with Limit Booking feature.

  • Enable Allow employee selection option to allow choose employee feature for customers on front-end at the time of choose booking date and time.

  • Disable slot duration as per service duration if you want to allow Booking time will be calculated based on selected service.

1.6 Employee Schedule Settings

  • To update Employee schedule got to Admin panel Settings -> Employee schedule Settings

1.7 Update Module Settings

  • Enable Admin modules to get permission of some unique features (Reports, POS, Employee Leave, And Employee Schedule, Google calendar) If these are available in your current package from Admin panel Settings -> Module Settings-> Admin Module Settings.

  • You also need to enable Add/view/update/delete permission for the modules from Admin panel Settings -> Role & Permissions Settings to get access of enabled modules.

  • Enable Employee module settingto provide the permission of modules to employee's from Admin panel Settings -> Module Settings-> Employee Module Settings.

  • You also need to enable Add/view/update/delete permission for the modules from Admin panel Settings -> Role & Permissions Settings to provide access of enabled modules.

1.8 Roles & Permissions Setting

  • To provide permissions and to update roles go to Admin panel Settings -> Role & Permissions Settings.

  • You can add more roles (See limit in your package) and assign permission as per your requirement.

  • If you want to give permission of modules (Reports, POS, Employee leave, Employee schedule, Google calendar) for employees then you also need to enable modules from Admin panel Settings -> Module Settings-> Employee Module Settings.

2. Optional Setup & Information

2.1 Manage Theme Settings

  • To manage Theme Settings go to admin panel Settings -> Admin Theme Settings.

2.2 Manage Services

  • To manage Services go to Services Menu.

  • Create new services

  • Update existing service

  • Delete any service.

2.3 Manage Employees

  • To manage Employees go to Employee Menu.

  • To add employees click on Create New button

  • You can edit employee details after click on Edit Button

  • You can delete employee details

  • You can change the employee role

  • You can assign services to employee.

2.4 Manage Employee Group

  • To Manage Employee Group click on the Employee Group Button.

  • When you take any employee in a group then all related services of group will automatically assign to employee.

  • After click on Create new button, you can add a new group.

2.5 Manage Employee Leaves

  • To Manage Employee Leaves click on Employee Leaves Button.

  • You can assign leave to any employee after click on Assign leave  button.

  • You can update the status of leave to Accepted or Rejected And employee also get an email notification.

  • When an employee apply for leave then admin get an email Notification.

  • If you want to update pending leave details then click on the Edit button in action.

  • You can delete only pending leaves.

2.5 Manage  Products

  • If you want to sell products on POS then go to Products Menu

  • To add products click on Add New button.

  • You can update product details after click on the Edit button

  • You can delete the Product after click on Delete button.