Quick Installation & Getting Started Tutorial

1. Server Requirements

  • PHP >= 7.2.5

  • OpenSSL PHP Extension

  • PDO PHP Extension

  • Mbstring PHP Extension

  • GD PHP Extension

  • Fileinfo PHP Extension

2. Configure Database

Login to cPanel and create a brand new database that will be used for Appointo-multivendor installation.

You can check this tutorial on how to setup MySQL database in cPanel if you are not familiar with how to configure a database if you are not using cPanel the best is to perform few types of research how to create the database via your active control panel.

  1. 2.Login to cPanel by accessing www.yourdomain.com/cpaneland navigate go MySQL Databases, note that this step may vary and in some hosting providers can be different.

    2.2 Create database.

    2.3 Create a user and set up the user password. (write down the username and the password because needs to be re-used later)

    2.4 Add the user to the database by selecting the database and the username.

    2.5 Make sure you have checked All privileges when adding the user to the database.

3. Upload files to the server and Installation

  • Upload the files to the server folder where Appointo-multivendor will be installed.

3.1 Assume that you uploaded the files to “appointo-multivendor” folder, navigate to Eq. http://yourdomain.com/appointo-multivendor/public/install .

3.2 Enter the database credentials you configured in step 1 (configure database) and click Next Step button

3.3 If the database connection is successful you will be passed to the latest step otherwise please re-check your credentials and hostname. (usually, the hostname is localhost but you should check with your hosting provider)

3.4 Change the directory permission to 775 for the mentioned directories.

3.5 Your application should be installed successfully. Click the Exit button to redirect to the login page.

3.6 To remove public from the URL check this link.

Default superadmin login details

Email: superadmin@example.com

Password: 123456

Default Admin login details

Email: admin@example.com

Password: 123456

                    -------------------- Installation Completed ---------------------