1. Enable cache. Not sure what that is and how to enable it.

Answer: It is a Laravel route caching. It reduces caches the big route files on Laravel. Go to superadmin->setting click enable Cache

 2. Do I need to get a plan for Currency converter API  or free version is enough?

Ans: Free version is enough

3. If I decide to get the Domain module can I do It later after all the setup is done?

Answer: Yes you can do at any stage of time.

4. In Freshdesk you give instructions on how to set up Paypal account for Sandbox. But you don't tell that for the Live account you need to create another App.

Answer: It is the same process. You only need to use the API keys of the live app

5. What events do you recommend to enable for the Paypal webhook? All?
Answer: Enable all 

6. Modules under the Free Trial is what they will see in the sidebar available or the others will be visible too but un avaiable?

Answer: When you enable Free trial and company register after that, they will see modules that are in the free trial. But if you have already registered company then changed then added free trial setting then existing companies will not have a free trial

7. If my customers who purchased plans from me will require support who suppose to handle it?

Answer: It will be you who will handle the support of your application. If you have any queries related to the application you can ask us. But the support of your customer will be handled by you only

8. What is File storage for? And what/where is Local?

Answer: There are 2 options of storage.1st is local that means it will be stored to the public/user-uploads directory on your server. If chose AWS S3 It will store to AWS S3 bucket https://aws.amazon.com/s3/

9. I see I need to create packages in Stripe. But what about Paypal? Would it work with Stripe packages?

Ans: You do not create packages on PayPal.

10. Where is the Default plan showing?

Answer: When the subscription expires or trial expires the companies are back to default plan. If the new company register and the trial plan is not activated then they are registered with the default plan

11. How can I change plan IDs so I can change the order of price tables shown?

Answer: Order cannot be changed. You can edit the plans according to your needs

12. What should I put in Admin FAQ? and where will be this shown?

Ans: This is basically the communication between admin and the super-admin. When some new features come to application super-admin can explain via FAQ section and even add mostly asked question by companies

13. What are companies? Those who buy plans?

Answer: Yes, Companies are those who buy the plans

14. If I have my own clients to manage to I need to set up myself as a company and then create Admin and then a Client? Are Admin and Company not the same?

Answer: Yes you need to create a new company for that. The company is a bigger entity. One company can have multiple admins under it. You can log in as admin to the company and create as many admins as you want (admin is the role)

15. Any autoresponder settings? 
Answer: Sorry there is no auto-responder settings available