Steps to integrate Paypal in the worksuite

1. Goto and click on log into dashboard

2. After login click on Sandbox->Account menu for create a new business account.

3. After click new account you will see a form. fill all details that are required. and choose the account as business.

4. After click on create an account, you will see a accounts list that you have. a new account will show with status Processing and type Business. The Status will be changed into Completed in few minutes.

5. After this click on My Apps & Credentials menu. for create an app click on Create App for your new business account that you have created above.

6. After clicking on create you will see a form with two details App Name and Sandbox Business Account. Insert a name for your new app and select your business account in Sandbox Business Account and then click on create an app.  

7.After creating app there will be details of the generated app. now you can see Client ID and a button show for view Secret.


8. For live app detail click on live button and Client ID and Secret is here.