First of All, Thanks for your feedback!! We value your trust and confidence in us. Your commitment as a customer is much appreciated.        

                Now we are introducing a few new features in our release.

1. Set the language for the employee/client:

In this release, we added a new field to add language in client and employee forms. You can add as many as language by adding them in the language setting.

                                                                               login > client/employee 

Now add a new client/employee.

2. Create a designation hierarchy:

In this release, we add Hierarchy to the designation. Now you can set the designation according to your requirements.                    

                                                                     login > HR > designation

3. Create contract and proposal templates:

To make the work easy we add a new feature to add templates in contracts and Proposals. After that, it makes the process easy to make contracts and proposals. You can use it multiple times.

                                                                                           login > work > contracts

And for proposals      

                                                                                    login > finance > proposals

4. Work From Home option while clock-in:

In this update, we give an additional feature of clock-in from home in the dropdown. Firstly, there was only a text field to mention it. But now users can choose it with just one click.

                                                                        login > dashboard > clock-in

5. Work from the home dashboard widget 

Now you can check the list of employees who are on work from home today in the dashboard widget.

6. On leave today dashboard widget

Now one can watch the list of employees who are on leave today on the dashboard.

7. Add custom project status

Now you can add and edit project status from settings and can use it according to your requirement.

                                            login > settings > project setting > project status settings

from here you can add status according to your requirement.

8. Lead widget on the dashboard

Now you can see lead information in the lead widget in the dashboard.

9. Set which task data to show to clients in task settings:

In this release, we made a setting for the visibility of the particular section in task settings. For this, we have to follow these steps:

                                                                login > settings > task settings

Now you can take control to the sections you want to show to the client by checking the check box.

10. Add project shortcodes to identify project and related tasks:

In this release, we add a new feature to add project codes in project form. It will help to identify the project name by its code.

                                                        login > work > project > project code

You can find it here in tasks.

11. File upload and link field in Events: 

We added a new feature to upload files and link in events.

                                                                                    login > events

12. General bug fix:

           In our continued effort to make Worksuite the most reliable, we eliminated a number of key bugs in the module.