Step - 1: Payroll

Go to Payroll -> Payroll from the left menu.

Step - 2: Generate Payroll

  1. Select the Month and Year for which you want to generate the salary.
  2. Mark Approved Leaves as Paid - Select this option if you want to pay for all the leaves which are approved.
  3. Mark Absent Days as Unpaid - Select this option if you do not want to pay when the employee was absent and did not apply for leave also.
  4. Use Attendance - Select this option if you want to calculate the salary according to the employee's attendance.
    If this is checked then the employee will be paid for Total Present Count + Holidays
  5. Include Expense Claims - Select this option if you want to add approved expenses of the employee in the salary.
  6. Click Generate Button

Step - 3: Change Salary Status

You can change the status of the generated salary to Review, Locked, and Paid. To change the status select the salary checkboxes and click the status button.

Step - 4: Salary Details

Click on the view button to view the generated salary details.

Step - 5: Edit Salary

You can edit the generated salary and add more earning/deduction to the salary.