For new user

1. For new user sign up  click on this link
Enter details email and password

Select detail for you or company requirements.

Enter name and mobile number

2. Login Razorpay dashboard

3. Active subscription for creating plans

For subscription plans click on plans tab

For create a new plan click on new plan button.

Insert details in add plan form like this image

After create plan you can see a plan id. We will use this plan id in our packages razorpay plan id field.

Here We will use this plan id in our packages razorpay plan id field.

4. Api key and secret

Click on setting button for api and secret

Click on api keys tab and then click on Generate Test Key for generate new test key

You can see here key and secret

5. Webhook URL and webhook secret

Click on Webhook tab and then click on Setup your Test Webhook for setup webhook secret and set webhook url.

Enter webhook url from your project razorpay setting. And insert manual string for webhook secret. We will use this secret in our project razorpay setting webhook secret.

You can see active events We will tick subscription.charged. 

Here we can see webhook url that we insert in webhook url in above image.

For existing user

1. Login Razorpay dashboard

2. Click on setting menu on the right-bottom. Click on the api-keys tab to see key and secret. and then click on "regenerate test key"

3. Click on the webhook tab for webhook secret and set URL. Click on "edit your test webhook" to set a URL and set a secret.

    Here you can set a webhook URL and you can set secret manually string.