Setting up using cpanel

  • This module will work only worksuite saas version greater than or equal to 3.6.7. 
  • This module will work for both if your worksuite-saas application is installed on main domain and also on any subdomain. Example: working successfully on and also on
  • If your application is installed on https://crm.worksuite.bizthen add the below content in .envfile located at the root

  • If domain is very short of just 3 charater then add below line in .env file

Examples  domains like,,,


1.  Visit Cpanel

2. Search Subdomain

3.  Pointing subdomain

  • Enter * in subdomain field and then set the path of worksuite-saas application

Note: Point to correct folder where main your application is installed

when you select * it will automatically add _wildcard_ folder name. Remove it and point to the correct folder. If your main application is in  public_html already then don’t add anything, keep public_html as it is and click create.

Once done. Try opening any random subdomain for example It should open your worksuite application

Worksuite Saas Setup

Step1: Once you have installed the sub-domain module. The Login URL for super admin will be changed from /login to /super-admin-login

Step 2: Setting subdomains for companies

  •  Login as superadmin

  • Visit Companies -> Edit company and set the subdomain

Step3: Verification

 If you are able to open the sub-domain, Bingo subdomain module successfully working

Step4: Notify companies for the new login url

  • Login to super-admin. Visit the company's menu. Click on notify company button to notify the company for his login details