To change the employee permissions you will have to create a new role in roles & permissions and assign that role to employees. You cannot make changes in the default employee role.

Roles & Permissions

  1. Go to Admin Panel Settings -> Roles & Permissions

  2. There are 3 default roles - Admin, Employee and Client. You cannot make any changes in these roles.

  3. If you want to allow more permissions to employee then you will have to create a new roles with required permissions and then assign that role to the employee.

  4. To create new role click Manage Role button.

  5. To assign permissions click Permissions button to the right of that role and enable the required permissions.

  6. There are few permissions which are visible to employee even if you do not assign them. You can see icon (i) in front of them.

  7. Add employees to the new role by clicking Members button in center.