1. The application is built in Laravel

2. For modules we have used https://github.com/nWidart/laravel-modules packages. Follow the documentation to create the new module.

Add Config File for installation and other info. Create the config.php file in Config folder and the following information


return [
    'name' => 'Zoom', // NAME of the Module
    'verification_required' => true, // If required is required
    'envato_item_id' => '', // Add envato id if published to envato
   'parent_envato_id' => 23263417, // This is the envato id of the worksuite saas. This is mandatory
    'script_name' => 'worksuite-saas-zoom', // This is the script name
    'setting' => \Modules\Zoom\Entities\ZoomSetting::class // This is going to be the Settings

To show the menu to the left sidebar of the main application.

Create Resources/views/sections/left_sidebar.blade.php file in the modules folder