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Step 1 - Login Screen

You first need to log in with your admin login credentials in your worksuite app.

Login as super admin if you are using worksuite-saas



Step 2 - Go to Module Install Page

Worksuite: After logging in as admin, Go to Settings -> Module Settings -> Custom Modules. And now click on the Install-Module button.

Worksuite-SAAS: If you are using worksuite-saas then login as superadmin and go to Settings->custom modules

Step 3: Upload module zip archive

  1. Download the latest files from the codecanyon of the ZOOM module and Extract the zip file.
  2. You will have to upload the file on the install module page.

Step 4 - Install Module

  1. After the upload, the file refreshes the page.
  2. You will see the recently uploaded zip file. Click the Install button in front of it.
  3. The module will be installed and you will be redirected to the login page.

Step 5: Verify Module Purchase

You need to verify your module purchase for a seamless experience.