The latest UI design of the worksuite is developed using Laravel 9 and features a distinct directory layout compared to its previous versions. As a result, upgrading to the new version will involve a manual process rather than a single-click update, at least for the initial update.

To update the app to the new UI theme version, you should follow the subsequent steps.

Steps for manual update

1. Take a backup of the current app.

a) Archive the current app directory.

b) Download the database backup of the current app

c) Delete all the current files and folders except the following

  1. .env
  2. public/uploads(if exists) and public/user-uploads
  3. storage/app/modules_statuses.json

2. Extract the new version in your current app directory.

3. Restore the public/user-uploads directory from your old app to the new version.

4. That's It! The setup is done.

5. Reload the page on the browser and wait for the update to complete.

6. Visit

7. Visit


Here is the video guide for the upgrade on the Cpanel