Once the zoom module is installed we need to configure it.

Create an app on Zoom

1. Log in to your zoom account and go to Marketplace from the Solutions menu dropdpwn

2. On the marketplace page, select Build App from the Develop dropdown

3. Click the Create button on the JWT section

4. Add the name of the app and click the Create button

5. Add information for the app and click Continue

6. App credentials are generated automatically

7. Go to the Feature tab and turn on Event Subscriptions

8. Add Event Subscription details

Go to the worksuite application and copy the webhook URL. This will be the Event notification endpoint URL field value.

Add event subscription details

9. Click the Add events button and select all the events for Meetings

10. Click the Save button and click the Continue button

11. You will see the success page

12. Add Credentials in the Worksuite app

Copy the API key and API Secret from App Credentials and enter them in worksuite zoom settings.

Set value for Open in Zoom Client App?

    a. Yes - This will start the meetings in the zoom app installed on your system

    b. No - This will start the meetings within the worksite application using zoom web SDK

Click the Update button

13. That's It! You can go to zoom meetings and create zoom meetings.